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Third-party Twitter clients are broken, whether by policy or glitch

Enlarge / Many third-party Twitter clients, apps the social network has been seeking to diminish since 2012, are suddenly not working, with no update or outreach from Twitter. (credit: Nathan Coppen/Getty Images)

Tweetbot, Twiterrific, Echofon, and other third-party Twitter clients have failed to work for many people since late Thursday night, and the social network has seemingly not notified the apps’ developers as to why.

Paul Haddad, a co-creator of Tweetbot, posted on Mastodon at 11:10 pm ET Thursday in reply to a post from tech journalist Casey Newton that multiple third-party clients were failing, with “no communication as to if [it’s] a bug or …” Tweets from the official accounts of the Tweetbot and Twitteriffic clients on Thursday night confirmed their communication issues. The account for Echofon posted shortly after 8:30 am Friday that it was working to resolve its issues and that “Twitter has not yet replied.”

Haddad told TechCrunch that the connection issues started at 10:30 pm on Thursday and noted that all API requests from his app were failing. A post on Twitter’s developers forum shows numerous Twitter-based app developers noting that their apps have been listed as “suspended” or showing invalid authentication credentials.

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