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Thanks to all of our generous donors who are participating in our 2023 Fall Campaign. Your continued support is vital and much appreciated. Donors are added daily.

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Monday, September 25

Abdelhamid Abdou
Adam Battles
Adam Deng
Alan Zibelman
Andreas Hübner
Andrew Haynes
Andrew Windsor
Arthur Knolle
August Ruthenberg
Bridget Santos
Carl Chambers
Carlos Aixerch Mateu
Charles Demastus
Chris Lingwall
Chris Striebeck
Christopher Sears
Cristina Fontaine
Dan Zipay
Daniel Krivickas
Darlene Corbett
Dave Benner
David Cardaronella
David Neilson
David Shane
Davide Tafuri
Dione Durham
Don Bellante
Donald Steele
Doug Hill
Douglas Haaga
Dustin Trammell
Eric Hale
Ezra Goldman
Fred Witthans
Gerard Evenwel
Greg Krabbenhoft
Gregory Citarella
Howard Killebrew
Hugh Kendrick

Hunter Lewis
Iain Greum
Jacob Coffin
James Irwin
Javier Pantoja Romero
Jay Korinek
Jeanne Kacprzak
Jeffrey Yerkes
Jerry Knarr
Jesse Cowell
Jesse Dugay
Jim Agelopoulos
Jo Ann Cavallo
John Holland
John Jolly
Joris Debats
Joseph Wilchek
Joshua Bozzick
Kathryn Hamilton
Kenneth Woods
Kerry Steen
Kevin Alons
Kim Stephens
Kristin Jackvony
Lawrence Hamilton
Linda Nico
Manuel Heel
Mark Markic
Martin Jacovini
Martin Young
Marvin Graham
Mary Sullivan
Maureen Moore
Miguel Gracia Arias
Mike Keenan
Nancy Ore
Nguyen Hoang Duc
Noah Van Horn
Paris Bleicher

Paul Bunevich
Paul Cerino
Paul Jacobus
Peter Michel
Peter Morcombe
Peter Rasmussen
Pitipong Wanta
Ray Svobodny
Reed Scercy
Richard Muldoon
Richard Page
Richard Pardo
Robert Cerf
Robert Chandler
Robert Yabut
Roberto Mello
Rodger Cottrell
Roger Woodward
Ronald Banner
Ronald Langdon
Sami Peltola
Sayre Powers
Sheldon Hayer
Sing Chung
Stelio Pesciallo
Stuart Hicks
Tamara Goforth
Theodore A. Gebhard
Thomas Culver
Timothy McMullan
Tony Fulgenzi
Tyke Conrady
Tyler Hoxie
Tyler Wambeke
Vernon Moret
Victor Sola
Walter Block
William Camp
William Winters


All donors will be listed on our home page this week. Recurring donors of $5 or more, or one-time donors of $60 or more, will receive a free copy of Ten Great Economic Myths by Murray Rothbard.

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