New Defending Globalization Essays: China Then; China Now; and the ‘Race to the Bottom’

Scott Lincicome

As I mentioned last month, Cato’s Defending Globalization project will publish new content every other week throughout the fall and into 2024. Today we’ve published three new essays:

Globalization: A race to the bottom – or to the top?, by Johan Norberg, debunks the myth that expanded trade and investment have caused a “race to the bottom” in which countries progressively lower their labor and environmental standards to attract global capital.
China’s Post‐​1978 Economic Development and Entry into the Global Trading System, by Jim Dorn, traces how China’s market‐​oriented reforms fueled the nation’s breathtaking economic growth since the 1980s.
China’s Economic Headwinds, by Clark Packard, explains how China began moving away from markets in the 2000s and today faces serious economic challenges (many of its own making).

These essays join the eleven others that we’ve already published on the main Defending Globalization project page. Be sure to check it all out, and stay tuned for more to come. 

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