New Defending Globalization Content: Trade, Consumption, Fashion, Technology, and Video with Amb. Robert B. Zoellick

Scott Lincicome

Today we’ve published three new essays for Cato’s Defending Globalization project:

Trade Buys Goods, Services, and Time, by Gabriella Beaumont‐​Smith, explains that trade not only provides consumers with lower prices and expanded variety, but it also gives people the autonomy to specialize in activities they’re good at and frees up their time to invest in other activities.

Fast Fashion, Global Trade, and Sustainable Abundance, by Joy Buchanan, discusses the myriad economic and social benefits of clothing abundance, much of which is owed to globalization, and the future of more sustainable global fashion.

Technology and Innovation, Not Just Policy, Help Drive Globalization, by Colin Grabow, shows that globalization isn’t simply the choice of government officials but the realized aspiration of untold numbers of people whose work has steadily shrunk the world, expanded markets and brought us closer together.

We’ve also published the video recording of the launch event for the project, in which former US Trade Representative Robert B. Zoellick spoke on the current state and the future of globalization.

This content joins nineteen other essays and other multimedia features on the main Defending Globalization project page.

Make sure to check it all out and stay tuned for future releases.

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