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Developer creates “self-healing” programs that fix themselves thanks to AI

Enlarge / An AI-generated and human composited image of “Wolverine programming on a computer.” (credit: Benj Edwards / Midjourney)

Debugging a faulty program can be frustrating, so why not let AI do it for you? That’s what a developer that goes by “BioBootloader” did by creating Wolverine, a program that can give Python programs “regenerative healing abilities,” reports Hackaday. (Yep, just like the Marvel superhero.)

“Run your scripts with it and when they crash, GPT-4 edits them and explains what went wrong,” wrote BioBootloader in a tweet that accompanied a demonstration video. “Even if you have many bugs it’ll repeatedly rerun until everything is fixed.”

GPT-4 is a multimodal AI language model created by OpenAI and released in March, available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and in API form to beta testers. It uses its “knowledge” about billions of documents, books, and websites scraped from the web to perform text processing tasks such as composition, language translation, and programming.

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