Cato’s new Globalization Quiz Tests Your Knowledge (and Debunks a lot of Myths)

Scott Lincicome

As I mentioned when introducing Cato’s new Defending Globalization project two weeks ago, we’ll be publishing new multimedia content throughout the fall and into 2024. Today we have three new essays and our first piece of interactive content: a 20‐​question quiz on all things globalization.

You can find the quiz embedded on the main project page or at this direct link. We hope that it not only tests your knowledge of all things globalization, but also challenges a lot of conventional wisdom on international trade, supply chains, global development, and the United States’ experience in the global economy. Please be sure to play and share it widely.

Today’s new Defending Globalization essays are as follows:

The Problem of the Tariff in American Economic History, 1787–1934, by Phillip W. Magness
Digital Trade in Services: Globalization’s Exciting New Frontier, by Gary Winslett
The World Trade Organization: Myths versus Reality, by James Bacchus

Each coincidentally covers a topic that’s recently been in the news, so we hope that readers will find them particularly useful. Collectively, the essays also indicate the wide range of issues that our project will cover in the months ahead.

Plenty more to come. Stay tuned and enjoy.

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