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Bing’s AI chatbot can now generate unhinged images along with unhinged text

Enlarge / “A gaming PC riding a skateboard” as generated by the DALL-E 2-powered Bing Image Creator. The version of DALL-E in the Bing Chat preview may be more advanced. (credit: Bing Image Creator)

Microsoft is giving its work-in-progress Bing AI chatbot the ability to generate images, the company announced today. Bing preview users can generate images by typing “create an image” (or something similar) followed by the prompt. As with other AI-powered image generators, the more detailed a prompt you provide, the more specific and consistent the output is.

Not all Bing preview users will be able to generate images right away, as Microsoft is rolling the feature out in phases (it’s not working for me as of this writing). Initially, it will only work in the chatbot’s “Creative” mode. The bot has three “personalities,” and “Creative” is the most prone to giving wrong answers and inaccurate information.

Microsoft said it was using “an advanced version” of the DALL-E generator without providing additional details. The Bing chatbot was using OpenAI’s GPT-4 model several weeks before it was formally announced to the public, so Microsoft could also be using a more powerful pre-release version of the DALL-E model. The image generator Microsoft made available to the public in October uses DALL-E 2.

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