Battle Over FISA Reauthorization Resumes Next Week

Patrick G. Eddington

Two items of note today from prominent inside‐​the‐​Beltway publications regarding the ongoing fight over whether Congress should reauthorize the serially abused Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Section 702 electronic mass surveillance authority. The first from Punchbowl News:

The bill in question can be viewed here.

The second item is from POLITICO from late last night:

And whether you prefer the term “surveillance capitalism” or “corporate welfare,” the data broker industry is working hard to keep its 702‐​related contracts viable. Also from POLITICO yesterday:

Data collection on Americans has become a giant business over the last 30 years, one that law enforcement agencies benefit from enormously as it allows them to effectively circumvent the Fourth Amendment, outside of circumstances requiring the most intrusive surveillance techniques. For the corporate data brokers, it’s easy money from government agencies. It’s a toxic mix that FISA reformers are trying to end. Before spring 2024 ends, we’ll know whether or not they’ve succeeded.

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