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We started blogging again this year and it has been fun. I’ve managed to keep up with my quantity expections (quality is an issue) … until I took two trips in April. I’ve found that I can’t do everything anymore. Actually, I can’t do hardly anything anymore, it seems, but keep up with my classes. I think I have finally caught up and have posts written for Thursday, Friday and Monday. 

The first trip was a two day trip to Charleston for the SAFMC’s Socio-Economic Panel meeting. Here is a piece of what I helped write in our report in response to the questions posed in item 8 on the agenda:

The economic definition of angler welfare is captured by the consumer surplus, or net willingness to pay, of recreational trips and harvest/catch. There are a number of studies that estimate these values for snapper-grouper in the South Atlantic.
There are several methods that could be used to estimate economic values for the snapper-grouper fishery. There is existing MRIP data that can be used to develop revealed preference models of angler behavior. A stated preference survey could be developed to provide value estimates but this is costly and time-consuming. Given that there are usable value estimates for this fishery in the peer-reviewed literature, the SEP recommends that benefit transfer methods be used to support the MSE.

The second trip was the following week to Tampa for NMFS’s 2023 Recreational Fisheries Economics Constituent Workshop. I gave the first presentation where I was supposed to cover valuation methods in 10 minutes (10 minutes). One of the organizers told me afterwards that “you had the hardest job”. IKR. Anyway, here is my presentation and, yes, I stayed within 10 minutes. 

In both locations I beat the drum that the National Marine Fisheries Service has the data available to annually estimate regional recreational demand models for management purposes. I got serious about this issue in 2013 and wrote this paper (SAFMC NRUM 2013) in a couple of days (if I remember correctly). I said the exact same thing at the 2014 Recreational Fisheries Economics Constituent Workshop (see #1 on the list). I think I have some folks half-way interested in this so we’ll see if anything happens.

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