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Adobe’s AI image generators get beefy updates, including vector graphics

Enlarge / An AI-generated vector graphic of a barbarian and a landscape generated with Adobe Illustrator. (credit: Benj Edwards / Adobe)

On Tuesday, Adobe announced major updates to AI image synthesis features across several products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Express. The updates include three new generative AI models—Firefly 2, Firefly Design Model, and Firefly Vector Model—which improve its previous offerings and add new capabilities. With the vector model, Adobe is notably launching its first text-to-vector AI image generator.

It’s been a busy year for generative AI, and Adobe has not been content to sit it out. In March, the graphic design software giant debuted its text-to-image synthesis model called Firefly, which it billed as an ethical alternative to Stable Diffusion and Midjourney due to being trained on Adobe Stock imagery only. Firefly can generate novel images based on text descriptions called prompts (i.e., “a scenic vista” or “a beefy-looking barbarian”). The company later brought the technology to Photoshop and web apps, and promised to cover any legal bills that might arise from copyright claims against artwork generated with its tools.

Now, Adobe is extending its reach with a wave of new generative AI features. Adobe’s Firefly Image 2 model is an update to its original Firefly AI image generator, which powers Photoshop features like Generative Fill. Adobe claims this new version offers improved image quality, particularly in areas like foliage, skin texture, and facial features. In addition to these enhancements, the Firefly Image 2 model introduces AI-driven editing capabilities that can adjust various photo settings like depth of field and motion blur. A new “Prompt Guidance” feature also aids users in refining the wording of their text descriptions and automatically completes prompts to boost efficiency.

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