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Adobe teases generative AI video tools

Enlarge / A demo of Firefly AI generation in Adobe Premiere. (credit: Adobe)

On Monday, Adobe announced plans to add AI video synthesis tools to Premiere Pro and After Effects, reports Reuters. This follows an announcement last week that AI-powered text-based video editing will come to Premiere Pro in May.

Adobe’s generative video effects will come courtesy of Adobe Firefly. Firefly, an image synthesis mode we previously covered in March, will expand to include video and audio generation tools. Premiere Pro is Adobe’s flagship video editing application, a popular industry tool for assembling TV shows and Hollywood films.

Currently, performing certain special effects or editing tasks can often be labor-intensive. Adobe aims to streamline that process with generative AI assistance. In a demo reel posted on its blog, Adobe showed “Firefly for Video” generating a background soundtrack, generating sound effects, changing the visual season in a video, creating a visual effect on the word “molten,” locating and brightening a person’s face, and generating audio transcripts via text commands.

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