FDA Finally Allows OTC Access to One Brand of “Minipill”—A Mini‐​step in the Right Direction

Jeffrey A. Singer

The Food and Drug Administration announced this morning that it has granted marketing approval for the over‐​the‐​counter sale of one type of birth control pill, a progestin‐​only pill (also called the “minipill”). As explained here, the minipill is not as easy to use as combination oral contraceptives. Dublin‐​based Perrigo, the maker of the pill that will have the brand name Opill, states it hopes to have the pill on the market by 2024.

As Josh Bloom and I wrote in May, enabling women to access this one brand of minipill is a ministep in the right direction. But the FDA should allow all women to access all forms of hormonal contraception over‐​the‐​counter.

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